Granule Packaging Machine For Pre-Made Pouch

Granule Packaging Machine For Pre-Made Pouch


l  Automatic rotary packing machine adopt precision indexing device and PLC to control each action and working station to make sure the machine is easy operate and doing accurate.

l  The speed of this machine is controlled by frequency converter. So that It can adjust according to the specific. Material and pouch which you need to pack.

l  The bag width, length and type can be changed according to your demands in same machine. Changing different bag and different size is easy.(If you have different bag size and bag type, please consult your Contact Person ).Adjust size by one handle but button so that it can easy operate and fix.

l  The machine adopt safety door system, waster washing system, alarm system. If somebody open the machine door when the machine is running, the machine will alarm and stop. If the air pressure show abnormal, the machine will stop and alarm.(Any other alarm can check by the machine specification)



l  Automatic checking system can check bag situation, filing and sealing situation.

The system show 1. no bag feeding, no filling and no sealing.

2.no bag opening/open error, will no filling and no sealing

3.no filling, will no sealing

l  The packing materials loss low, what this machine is used the preformed bag pattern is prefect and has a high quality of the sealing part, this improved product specification.

l  Product or packing bag contact parts adopt stainless steel or other materials which accord with the food hygienic requirements, guarantee hygiene and security of the food.


<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->



Machine   station:



Giving bags, Print,   open bag, lower material mixing 1, mixing 2, heat sealing 1, heat sealing 2,   shaping and output products

Type of   packing bag:

bag, four   sides sealing bag, three side sealing bag, paper bag

Packing bag   size:

width :80-220mm    length: 100-350mm  Weight: 1200kg

Filling range:



20-60 bag /   min

Total power:





Candy, biscuit, peanut, cookies, pistachio, crystal   candy, brown sugar, daily commodities, cooked food, pickles, puffed food etc.

Optional equipment

Dosing assembly, materials bulk feed system, special   down stream attachments etc.

Pressure   requirements for 0.4m3/ (provided by user)

Packaging   precision error less than 1

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