WENZHOU ECHO PACK MACHINERY CO., LIMITED Help Latin America Small Customer Growth Plan, We are a professional liquid packing machine from China manufacturers/suppliers, for liquid packing machine OEM&ODM/wholesale prices. vacuum packing machine for foo vacuum packing machine for food commercial 1.applicable to solid, meat, etc 2.can seal and print date 3.can custommade.Vacuum packing machine is a modern new packaging machinery, it applies to all kinds of plastic film bags or aluminum foil composite film bags

Vacuum Packing Machine Double Chamber.These machinery are easy to install, operate and maintain.Vacuum Packing Machine is the semi-automatic vacuum packing machine, the custumer just need to close the cover, and the machine can finish the vacuum, sealVacuum Packing Machine is featured by automatic process of vacuuming, sealing, printing, cooling, which is used in vacuum packaging for food, pharmaceutical, seafood